Why SEO is Core of Digital Marketing

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If you want your company to reach new heights, you must understand SEO. Search engine optimization is a set of techniques used to improve a website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). More than half of the traffic comes from organic results. So it is clear how important SEO is to gain traffic. Companies know why SEO is crucial. Hence there are thousands of SEO company in Jaipur.

  1. Organic Searches are more traffic oriented- The reason why SEO is preferred by companies is its traffic-generating capacity. A website that ranks in the top 3 of SERP is known to generate very high traffic. A user generally prefers the first 3 sites are not to go further down.
  2. Build Brand Presence- SEO helps business to get brand awareness. Users if satisfied with the content in sites recommend to others. It automatically leads to brand awareness. It also helps you build a brand reputation.
  3. Cost-effective- Organic traffic costs less as compared to inorganic. If you run ads you have to pay search engines some amount for every click. But it cost nothing in SEO. You only have to pay SEO company in Jaipur for their efforts. Therefore SEO more cost-effective and better option.
  4. The best technique for local business- If you are running a business targeting specific location. Then SEO is a great way. It gives you more engagement, traffic and conversion at a low competition.
  5. Long term benefits- SEO aims at bringing long term effects for business. Ads generally have short term effects. They only last when you have the budget. But SEO last long. Therefore in long run, they give you better traffic and high conversion.

Companies do know the benefits of SEO. But they don’t know what SEO company in Jaipur do. If they are following right step or not. There are many questions in companies minds. Here are some methods SEO agency in Jaipur do to give you Rank:- 

  1. On-page SEO:- On-page SEO is related to user experience on website. Therefore the first and foremost step is to do on-page SEO. This includes:    
  • Preparing Audit report.
  • Website Structure planning and analyzing.
  • Content planning and analyzing.
  • Finding sites error.
  • Finding the most relevant keyword.
  • Generating proper title and headline.
  • Improving website structure.
  • Implementing robots.txt and sitemaps.
  • Checking website Speed and improving it.
  • And many more

2.  Off-page SEO:- Now website overall UI is correct. Now it’s time for back work. Just doing on-page SEO will not give you a ranking. So it is important to generate DA of the website. Google recognize those sites which have good DA and relevant content. Here are methods companies follow:

  • Profile linking- Building brand presence is essential. That’s why first step is profile linking. Generating profiles on other high DA sites helps you get recognization from Bot.
  • Sharing Image and Document- Many sites let you share images and document. These sites can be useful to get more traffic.
  • Business listing- Listing your business on reputable sites helps you increase your DA.
  • Commenting on Blog- By commenting on blogs having good traffic can generate traffic to your site also.
  • Article Sharing- Many sites allow you share your views. Generate a good article and make anchor text. This allows for generating traffic at your site also.

3.  And Many more:- There are uncountable processes to rank on SERP. That’s why SEO is a hard task but ultimate results of SEO are worth wait.

SEO Company in Jaipur


You now know the importance of SEO. SEO is long task. It takes time to rank in SERP. But results SEO gives are also unexceptional. Your business can reach heights if SEO is done correctly. But it is also not possible for every company to employee SEO experts. The reason for this is SEO is not task of single person. There is a proper team performing SEO tasks daily. That’s why there are many SEO company in Jaipur. Then which company to choose? Don’t worry. DMC is here to give you proper guidance. DMC has experts employed in different niche. We have more than enough experienced teams. Our SEO team always choose white hat techniques. Our motive is to provide you with visible results. So without second thoughts, contact us.